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Willy Lindwer
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Emmy Award Winning Director Willy Lindwer has earned world-wide recognition as a documentary filmmaker.

In 2010 he was knighted by Her Majesty the Queen of The Netherlands with the Dutch order Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, in recognition for his 40 years work for The Netherlands.

During a period of over four decades Willy Lindwer has produced numerous documentary films and series on a wide range of topics, including: Art, Social issues, History, The Holocaust, Israel and the Middle East and Africa.

The Willy Lindwer Film & Video Collection currently consists of 47 documentary films and series. The Willy Lindwer Collection is available for world-wide distribution: television and broadcast, DVD home video, educational and non-theatrical and theatrical. Contact us for more information.

Willy Lindwer is also a widely published author of books and articles.
He is a popular lecturer on filmmaking and the Holocaust and is invited to speak in conjunction with the screening of his films.

Gouden Kalf
Willy Lindwer's major breakthrough came in 1988 in the US, when he was awarded with the International Emmy Award for his documentary 'The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank'.

In 1993 he won a 'Golden Calf', 'the Grand Prix of the Dutch Film Industry' in the category 'best documentary' for another major Holocaust documentary: 'Child in Two Worlds' the story of Jewish War Orphans.

For his film 'Simon Wiesenthal, Freedom is Not a Gift from Heaven' he was the Dutch nominee for the International Emmy Award for Best Documentary in the year 1994.

He is an Israel Academy Award candidate for 'Goodbye Holland' in 2005.

Willy Lindwer has also received many other awards for his films.

International Emmy Award

Recently two DVD boxes were released in The Netherlands with 27 documentaries by Willy Lindwer, produced between 1987 and 2013:

Box 1: The HOLOCAUST, a monument in film, with 17 documentaries about the Holocaust.

Box 2: ISRAEL, a monument in film, with 10 documentaries and series about Israel.

DVD box - The Holocaust DVD box - Israel

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