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Goodbye Holland
The Destruction of Dutch Jewry

1 x 90 minutes, 2004
English narration and subtitles

A shocking documentary, uncovering the painful truth about Dutch indifference to, and collaboration with the Nazis in WWII, when 78 percent of the Jewish population in the Netherlands was annihilated. This investigation into the past, breaking away from the traditional assumption that the Dutch were 'good', explains why Anne Frank and 100,000 other Dutch Jews were deported to the death camps.

Complete synopsis

An AVA-Dateline and Terra Film production, in cooperation with NCRV Television, (Netherlands), VRT Television (Belgium) and Channel 2 Authority (Israel).

Jaques Wallage and Willy Lindwer
Willy Lindwer (right) talks to the mayor of Groningen, a city in the northern part of The Netherlands. Of the 3000 Jewish inhabitants at the beginning of WWII only a handful survived. Dutch police and civil servants
helped the Nazis implement the large-scale deportation the Jews from the city, something that occurred in most Dutch cities.
During filming in the Netherlands countryside where the filmmaker's family was hidden by farmers during the war. Some of his family members were betrayed for money by Dutch citizens and they were subsequently murdered in the Nazi death camps.

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