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Photograph taken in the Westerbork concentration camp

Camp of Hope and Despair
Witnesses of concentration camp Westerbork, 1939-1945

70 minutes, 1990
English voice-over

In Camp of Hope and Despair, Willy Lindwer documents the tragic history of this infamous site. He sought out some of the few survivors of the camp in the Netherlands, Germany, Israel and the United States. Many of them tell their story for the first time.

Camp Westerbork in Eastern Holland was the last stop before more than 100,000 Dutch Jews were deported to Nazi concentration camps - nearly 80% of the Dutch Jews were deported by the Nazis - the highest percentage in Western Europe. The poignancy  of the story is heightened by the remarkable photographs and films of Rudolf Breslauer, camp photographer and are seen here for the first time.

Stories told by a variety of survivors of camp Westerbork.

Produced by AVA Productions (Netherlands).

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